Couch Cleaning FAQs

How long it takes to clean 7 seater couch?

We follow our following 5 step Couch Steam Cleaning Process

  1. Firstly, our couch cleaner will vacuum clean the upholstery including couch, Sofa, lounge, pillows & cushions. Upholstery Cleaner will also dry clean arms and the back sides of the couch.
  2. Secondly, our lounge cleaner will pre-spray all the upholstery
  3. Thirdly, lounge cleaner will do the couch Steam cleaning including deodorizing
  4. Fourthly, professional couch stain treatment will be done.
  5. Finally, deluxe fabric or leather couch cleaning will include Scotchgard™  protection.

It usually takes 45 min – 1 hour to clean your 7  seater couch.

Why couch cleaning required?

Most of the time Couch cleaning is over looked, however lounge suit / upholstery cleaning is an backbone of interior beauty of your home. Clean upholstery reflect your lifestyle,  cleaning the sofas, lounges, couches, dining chairs, office chairs  preserve the life of your furniture and scotch gard protection will add life to your upholstery.

How fast can you come to clean my couches?

We at Carpet Cleaning Melbourne work to achieve complete customer satisfaction and we understand the importance of time for our valuable customers. We arrange for a visit to your place by our certified cleaners as soon as possible. We even provide same day and emergency upholstery cleaning service depending upon the workload and that too without any additional cost. Just give us a call and we ensure to provide you the best of upholstery cleaning services in Melbourne!

What payment types you accept for Upholstery Cleaning?

We accept following payment types for upholstery cleaning

  1. Credit Card – Master, Visa, American Express and all other major credit cards
  2. Direct Transfer
  3. Cash
  4. Direct Deposit

Is steam cleaning better than dry cleaning?

It really depends upon how dirty is your couch, if your got stain on your upholstery then you probably need steam cleaning.However, if you your upholstery has got just dust,then dust can be easily dry cleaned.

We will highly recommend couch steam cleaning.

We leased fully furnished home with all upholstery, and the previous owners smoked. Can you get rid of this smell from couch?

Yes we can eradicate the cigarette smell from your upholstery. We provide professional upholstery deodorizing service. After the recommend detailed upholstery cleaning for complete source removal of contaminants. If smell still there after the service, we might go for fog or ozone the upholstery.

Are all your cleaners insured?

Yes, all our cleaners at Carpet Cleanings Melbourne are completely insured and licensed to work in all parts of Melbourne. So you can be sure that your carpets and other property items are in safe hands. Call our cleaners anytime to avail our exceptional cleaning services in Melbourne.

Should I get curtain steam or dry cleaning?

If you think your curtains only has some dust deposited on them and need to cleaned out, We think you should go for curtain dry cleaning, however, if your curtains are dirty and if you find stain marks on the curtain. We would highly recommend you should go for curtain steam cleaning.

When one should consider calling trained professional in steam cleaning upholstery?

Furniture fabric Upholstery could picks up a lot of pet fur, hairs etc and this may cause inflame allergies

Please feel free to call us to book for Couch Cleaning when you find

  • Tough stains on your fabric lounge
  • Noticeable soiling on your couch
  • Your upholstery look like dirty

Then you probably need a professional like us to remove it from your valuable upholstery.

Would you guys will come back to clean upholstery again to fix up not cleaned upholstery?

Our upholstery cleaners are professional and well trained; there will be no chances that your upholstery left un-cleaned. However, some hard stain needs 2-3 times treatment. Our cleaner can come again and treat the stain again.
Please note: Upholstery could have billions of dust mites invisible to the naked eye – that expose your family to health risks like asthma, frequent cold, cough, fever, and allergies.