End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne we know that most landlords and estate agents request you to steam-clean carpets in your rented house once in a year. Others want it done before or immediately after doing routine inspections.  However, there exists a legal provision requiring you to do this as provided under the tenancy law.
During your occupation, you are expected to take very reasonable care of your house or premises and ensure that it is reasonably kept clean keeping in mind the condition it was in at the time of commencement of occupation and the attendant incidents of living, you are therefore expected to uphold all the standards of tenancy. There do not exist any extra obligations to be undertaken during the time of inspection than done at any other time of your tenancy.
When your tenancy period comes to an end you are fully obliged to actually return back the house in a similar state and condition that you found it, which implies that the level of cleanliness should be returned to the original state as when you first moved in to beginning tenancy while allowing for what the law refers to as fair wear and tear as provided for in clause 64 of the tenancy laws.  You are therefore expected to steam clean your carpet as part of the end of lease carpet cleaning and return the property in a similar condition that you found it. At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne we are always ready to serve you.
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