Upholstery Cleaning FAQs

How can curtain cleaning make your interiors striking?

Clean curtains will not only give a fresh vibe to your visitors, but it will also throw an impression upon them about your habits.

Is steam cleaning better than dry cleaning?

It really depends upon how dirty is your couch, if your got stain on your upholstery then you probably need steam cleaning.However, if you your upholstery has got just dust,then dust can be easily dry cleaned.

We will highly recommend couch steam cleaning.

What payment types you accept for Upholstery Cleaning?

We accept following payment types for upholstery cleaning

  1. Credit Card – Master, Visa, American Express and all other major credit cards
  2. Direct Transfer
  3. Cash
  4. Direct Deposit

How many years of experience do you have in carpet cleaning?

Carpet Cleanings Melbourne has been delivering quality carpet cleaning services for over 20 years. With two decades of industry experience, we have learnt that each carpet requires customized cleaning strategies and so we deliver accordingly.

How fast can you come to clean my couches?

We at Carpet Cleaning Melbourne work to achieve complete customer satisfaction and we understand the importance of time for our valuable customers. We arrange for a visit to your place by our certified cleaners as soon as possible. We even provide same day and emergency upholstery cleaning service depending upon the workload and that too without any additional cost. Just give us a call and we ensure to provide you the best of upholstery cleaning services in Melbourne!

Why couch cleaning required?

Most of the time Couch cleaning is over looked, however lounge suit / upholstery cleaning is an backbone of interior beauty of your home. Clean upholstery reflect your lifestyle,  cleaning the sofas, lounges, couches, dining chairs, office chairs  preserve the life of your furniture and scotch gard protection will add life to your upholstery.

How long it takes to clean 7 seater couch?

We follow our following 5 step Couch Steam Cleaning Process

  1. Firstly, our couch cleaner will vacuum clean the upholstery including couch, Sofa, lounge, pillows & cushions. Upholstery Cleaner will also dry clean arms and the back sides of the couch.
  2. Secondly, our lounge cleaner will pre-spray all the upholstery
  3. Thirdly, lounge cleaner will do the couch Steam cleaning including deodorizing
  4. Fourthly, professional couch stain treatment will be done.
  5. Finally, deluxe fabric or leather couch cleaning will include Scotchgard™  protection.

It usually takes 45 min – 1 hour to clean your 7  seater couch.

Can upholstery cleaning eliminate health hazards as well?

Definitely! Dirty and unclean upholstery lead to numerous health hazards among which sneezing and coughing is common. Unclean upholstery is home to numerous kinds of contaminants that could lead to serious diseases too. To prevent such unfortunate situations, it is advised to get your upholstery/carpets cleaned more often and keep them healthy for your family. Once you get your upholstery cleaned by professionals like Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, you will see a drastic change. It reduces symptoms of asthma and avoids the growth of other harmful pollutants.

I don’t know the fabric of my upholstery. Can you still clean it?

You don’t have to worry about that when you choose Carpet Cleanings Melbourne as your carpet cleaning partner. Our experts are experts in figuring out the fabric of any kind of upholstery. We have experience of so many years and our professional upholstery cleaners are trained to find out the fabric of the upholstery and accordingly choose the most appropriate cleaning method. So don’t hesitate anymore and give us a call for your upholstery cleaning!

Where are your services available?

We serve our suburbs of Melbourne. So whether you reside in Southern, Eastern, Western or Northern suburbs of Melbourne, we can be there at one call. All you have to do is pick up your phone and call us!

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