What’s The Difference Between Hot Water Extraction And Steam Cleaning?

By | October 24, 2018
Hot Water Extraction And Steam Cleaning?

Hot Water Extraction And Steam Cleaning?

Most people got confused between hot water extraction and steam cleaning and cannot differentiate in the process. Thus, both the process is known with the same name which is steam cleaning. However, there’s a big difference in hot water extraction and carpet steam cleaning, the temperature of water used is different and sometimes cleaning solutions also differ. So, when you begin cleaning the carpet make sure that you have learned well about hot water extraction and carpet steam cleaning.

Basics of the hot extractor and steam cleaning.

While hot water extraction and steam cleaning seem similar, but the big difference in both of these processes uses different water temperature.
As the name tells, in steam cleaning, there is steam present which is used for cleaning. The water inside the chamber boils and produces steam, which is used to cleaning the carpet. However, steam cleaning cannot rinse the cleaning solution.
On the other hand, hot water extraction uses just water, which is hot enough to deep clean the carpet.

Use of these processes.

Most of the carpet manufacturers recommend that their carpets must be cleaned using hot water extraction. As this process is safe for carpet fibres and also prevent the fibre from shrinking. Hot water extraction method is effective on carpet stain removal as well. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, is not appropriate for carpet stain removal, however, some professional carpet cleaner would suggest you steam cleaning as it’s good to steam clean synthetic carpets and completely safe for it.

Meanwhile, we suggest the readers that do not rent or buy the extractor or steamer machines in order to clean their costly carpets. Inexperience handling can mess things and result in soaking which leads to soaking and detergent residue. If the remaining water won’t clear, mould can also grow.

Carpet Stain Removal Service

Carpet Stain Removal Service

Hire professionals.

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