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Carpet Cleaning Ginninderra Village – We are a leading name in the carpet cleaning industry. With years of experience and expertise, Carpet Cleanings Melbourne is a company which believes in excellence. Moreover, we have an expert staff that is always available to cater to your needs.

If your dirty carpets are giving you a hard time and you want to get them cleaned, look no further because we are here to help you with our 100% satisfactory services. According to a study on indoor pollution, it was revealed that dirty carpets are the main source of polluting the air inside your house.

Carpet Cleaning Ginninderra Village

Carpet Cleaning Ginninderra Village

Why Does This Happen?

Because your carpets are prone to attract a number of dust particles, germs and other pollutants every day!  After some time, dirt, debris, and bacteria get deep inside your carpets. Also, once the bacteria enter there, it starts breeding. This results in millions of bacteria on your carpet within no time.

And What Happens Next?

You sit on those carpets and your children also play on the same dirty carpets, which undoubtedly leads to a number of diseases and infections. These dirt particles also release into the air, degrading the quality of the air in your house and obstructing the airflow. To get rid of all of these problems and to make your house a safe and healthy environment, you need to get your carpets cleaned professionally.

Carpet Cleanings Melbourne offers 100% reliable and efficient cleaning services for your carpets and rugs. We know that your carpet is one of the most expensive investments in your house. And so we take extra care to clean it and make it look as good as new.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Ginninderra Village

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Ginninderra Village

We Promise to Provide the Following Amongst Other Things.

  • High quality and effective cleaning service.
  • 100% safe and non-toxic products.
  • Eco-friendly products.
  • A qualified team of well trained, experienced and friendly cleaners.
  • Happy customer service – 24×7 open phone lines for your convenience.
  • Scotchgard stain protection.
  • Expected results and initial inspections where we discuss the process.
  • Free of charge online and phone booking.
  • 24×7 booking availability.
  • Fixed rates and no hidden costs.
  • Cleaning will last for full 6 months after which you might have to get it done again.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

If you think that vacuuming the carpet is enough, after all why take up the burden of getting a professional cleaning when you can do it yourself, you need to think again. Vacuuming will definitely remove all the dust and particles from the top layer of your carpet. But what about the dirt and debris that are inside the carpet? Furthermore, what about the millions of different microorganisms that have now made a permanent home in your carpet? Would you let your children play on a carpet that hosts so many germs? Of course no! We all care about our family’s safety first. And when it comes to children, we need to be extra careful.

Vacuuming Carpet Cleaning Service Ginninderra Village

Vacuuming Carpet Cleaning Service

But if you are still not sure about why a professional carpet cleaning is necessary, read on.

  • Improved Appearance

    A dirty carpet will definitely be a dull spot in your house. A clean carpet, on the other hand, will make your house look better and give it a healthier look.

  • It Will Save You Money and Time

    When there is a lot of dirt on your carpet, it starts to look dull and flat. If you don’t get it cleaned for quite some time, the dirt may even cause the carpet fibres to split and break. And ultimately you will have to buy a new carpet. But professional cleaning will save you tons of money by preventing this from happening and making your carpet look brand new once again. Also, while we are cleaning your carpets, you will have a lot of spare time on hand which would have otherwise gone wasted on hours of carpet shopping.

  • Increased Durability

    Getting your carpet cleaned will help increase its lifespan which is reduced by the continuous build-up of dirt and debris.

  • Good Health

    And the most important thing- You will save yourself from getting infections and illnesses the reason of which is dust, countless particle pollutants, and allergens that get deep inside a dirty carpet. The healthy air flow will help in better ventilation and improved breathing.

    Dry Carpet Cleaning Service Ginninderra Village

    Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

How Do We Carry Out Carpet Cleaning Ginninderra Village?

Appointment booking

Well, the number one thing to do is to call us and book an appointment. You can call us on the phone numbers provided below. If you prefer online booking, we provide that option as well. Just click on the link that says ‘book here’ on our website. It will take you through a series of simple steps. When you complete them, your appointment will be fixed.

Initial assessment

After your appointment is fixed, you will get a confirmation call and email by our team who will then reach your place at the appointed time and date. This inspection will involve taking a thorough look at your carpet and noting down its type, material, colour, fabric, elasticity, length etc. So that we can devise a perfect cleaning procedure for your carpet.

During this inspection, you can ask us whatever questions you may have. Our team at carpet cleaning Ginninderra Village will have a discussion with you about the cleaning process and only after your approval, we will move onto the next step.


To prepare the area for cleaning, we will safely shift all the furniture.

Dry vacuum

Next, we will vacuum your carpet thoroughly and get rid of all the loose dirt and debris.

Stain Removal (if required)

After vacuuming, we will apply a non-toxic stain removing agent on your carpet to remove whatever stains there might be. So don’t worry if you have pee, blood, vomit or any other stains that are difficult to remove through normal cleaning. We will take care of it.

Carpet Stain Removal Service Ginninderra Village

Carpet Stain Removal Service

Hot water extraction Carpet Cleaning 

Once the stains are no more there, it’s time for some deep cleaning. For this, we offer you a few methods including hot water extraction, carpet shampooing, dry cleaning, and others. The choice we make will be based on the type of your carpet and your personal preference.

In hot water extraction, we clean the carpet by injecting hot water and some cleaning agents into the carpet fibres at high pressure. This loosens up the deeply embedded debris and germs. Hot water extraction (also popular as steam cleaning) is followed by a powerful vacuum which completely removes all the dirt, dust and germs.

Carpet Scotchgard Stain Protection

Once your carpet is completely dry, we will apply a biodegradable stain repellent on your carpet to make it resistant to stains. So no more worries. Even if your cat decides to pee on the carpet as soon as we leave, it won’t cause any permanent stain. Just wiping it off will be enough.

Carpet Deodorizing

After the cleaning process, we will also use an eco-friendly deodorizer on your carpet to keep it smelling fresh for the next 6 months.

We hope you learned a great deal about your carpets today. So if you want to get an efficient carpet cleaning Ginninderra Village service, call us right now and make your house a healthier place to live in.  Book an appointment now by giving us a call on 1300 309 913 to avail of our special services. Moreover, our experts are available 24*7 to assist you anytime.

Outstanding Service And Unmatched Prices

We are a loyal client of Carpet Cleanings Melbourne and we would highly recommend them to all the people who want to get their carpets cleaned by the excellent carpet cleaners. They provide outstanding service and their prices are unmatched. We always call them for cleaning our office and home carpets. The team never delivered a bad result and always behaved professionally. We are so happy to be associated with them.
- Robert

Commendable Service

I am very grateful to the Carpet Cleanings Melbourne and their team. They have done a commendable carpet cleaning job at my place. The Carpet Cleanings Melbourne cleaners have great knowledge and know how to deal with different kind of fabrics. I am so glad that my carpets are been cleaned by the finest cleaners of the town. I have decided to choose Carpet Cleanings Melbourne for all my carpet cleaning works from now. Thank you so much Carpet Cleanings Melbourne. You guys are doing a great job.
- Rupert Murdoch

Economical Service

This review is to express our gratitude towards Carpet Cleanings Melbourne. Your work is highly appreciable. Thanks for delivering highly affordable and excellent carpet cleaning services for my office. We are very impressed by your service and would like to call you again whenever our office carpets need cleaning. Our carpets look beautiful now. We would definitely like to recommend your services.
- Leah

”Eco-friendly Service”

Trust me, Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is really amazing company for carpet cleaning. They are not at all pricey. I am glad that my carpets are being cleaned by some of the finest cleaners in town. The best thing about them is the team of Carpet Cleaning Melbourne uses an eco-friendly solution for carpet cleaning which is completely safe for pets and children. They have a very talented team. My carpets look lovely again and what a peaceful feeling to know that no carbon footprints are being left behind because of it. Thank you so much for your wonderful job. I am very pleased with your service. I would love to share a word about your services to all my friends and neighbours.
- Don Bradman

"Fabulous Work"

I am glad to recommend their carpet cleaning services. They cleaned nasty stains from my carpet Professionally. I was amazed to see their carpet cleaning services. I would love to suggest them to my friends and relatives or other users."
- Tom Hannah

Location: Ginninderra Village, ACT, Australia

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