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At Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we work within parameters of legal provisions, there is in place a stringent provision for the testing of all cleaning solutions to fit within the approval protocols that were set out in 2004 to test and analyze the effectiveness of cleaning solutions on stains and spots as effective removers that can then be used for pre-spraying and in-tank cleaning solutions. In order to identify the cleaning solutions that work best, an independent laboratory is contracted to use scientifically approved cleaning solution standards. Before any cleaning solution qualifies to earn the Seal of Approval, stain or spot removers as well as pre-spray and in-tank cleaning solutions get subjected to full test based on various criteria.

Carpet Cleaning Solution Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Solution Melbourne

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The Carpet Cleaning Melbourne cleaning solution will be tested for Surface texture change, this means that when put to test the product should leave the carpet’s pile with very minimal changes after some thorough repeated cleanings.
The Carpet Cleaning Melbourne cleaning solution should not contain Optical brighteners because none are actually allowed; this is due to the fact that they can end up leaving some parts of your carpet lighter in comparison to the rest.Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Cleaning solution is tested for Colorfastness, which ensures that the cleaning solution is not very aggressive to a point that it can cause some color changes in the carpet.

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