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Having you spent a large amount of money in buying upholstery and cleaning it professionally? In such an event, it becomes essential to keep it clean and make it look new for as long as possible.

Upholstery is exposed to pets, children and to the day to day activities. With constant use, it is obvious it will start looking saggy and lose its essence with time. Although taking a really good care of it can make its deterioration really slow.

How to Keep Upholstery Clean Melbourne

How to Keep Upholstery Clean Melbourne

How to Keep Upholstery Clean

Here are some of the tips to keep your upholstery clean and new after having it professionally cleaned.

  • Fabric Protection

    Fabric protection provides a certain level of defence against spills. But, you need to be careful enough to clean the spills before they absorb into the fabric.

  • Rotate Seat Cushions

    If your furniture or sofa has loose cushions, turn them over frequently to prevent them from damage from a particular side altogether. This is important to distribute the wear evenly and to prevent them from indentations.

  • Fabric Care

    You should be aware of the cleaning directions the fabric of your upholstery needs. This is usually provided in the instructions manual provided by the manufacturer.

    Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

    Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

    In case, you care not aware, you can find the specific cleaning methods for particular fabric online. But before trusting any of the cleaning tips, try it over a small portion and then apply it over all.

  • Clean Regularly

    Best Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne on the daily basis prevents the dirt and dust to penetrate deeper into the fibres of the fabric. A soft brush is also helpful in cleaning the dust particles, provided it doesn’t raise the fibres.

  • Remove Odours

    Upholstery smells most if you have a pet in your home. In such cases, you can remove pet odour by sprinkling soda bicarbonate over the upholstery and leaving it overnight and vacuuming it in the morning. This process will not harm the sofa but instead, keep the fabric healthy and soft.

  • Cleaning the Spills

    Clean the spills on upholstery immediately by blotting the liquid with the help of the paper towel. Don’t rub the stain while cleaning as this will only spread it further leaving a permanent stain in the process.

  • Avoid the Direct Sunlight

    Upholstery Cleaning Services Melbourne

    Upholstery Cleaning Services Melbourne

    Avoid keeping the upholstery in direct sunlight as this will cause the fabric to fade. If moving the furniture is not possible, try using blinds to filter the sunlight and prevent direct exposure of sunlight on upholstery.

  • Treat your Furniture Right

    Protect your furniture from the wrath of your pets. You can do so by giving a dedicated cushion to them. Don’t let children jump and stand on upholstery, also strictly say no to eating and drinking on the sofa.

These were some of the tips from the experts of Carpet Cleanings Melbourne that you should adopt in order to keep your upholstery clean for long. The above given tips are proven and certified for their effectivity. They are easy and safe to be applied.