How to Maintain your Carpet?

By | June 10, 2019
How to Maintain Your Carpet?

How to Maintain Your Carpet?

Carpet has multiple advantages for showing a perfect beauty to your furniture, however, the accidental spills and stains can make the carpet dull and unhygienic. Besides adding beautiful colours, pattern and texture to your furniture, carpets also warms the house in winters. Regularly vacuuming the carpet, you can prevent the carpet from getting dirty and grimy. Best Carpet cleaning is necessary for the carpets and deep carpet cleaning twice a year is recommended as it increases the life of the carpet. And if your carpet is a light in colour or you have pets and kids, then clean the carpet thrice a year.

Follow the given Instruction to avoid any risks while Cleaning the Carpet;

Carpet Dry Cleaning-

Start with vacuuming. Before deep carpet cleaning Perth, carpet dry cleaning is important. Vacuum cleaning helps in removing all the dust, dirt and bacterias from the carpet so that every area of the carpet can be cleaned. Attach a nozzle to your vacuum cleaner, so that you can reach the unreachable spotted areas.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

Our Effective Carpet Stain Removal Solution-

Carpet stain removal is one of the most effective solutions that help to eliminate the stubborn stains from the carpet easily and bring back the carpet to its new and fresh look. Some stains are difficult to extract which doesn’t get removed by regular cleaning therefore, we need to use some effective solutions to get rid of them therefore, carpet stain removal gets in use.

Spotted Area-

Spot for any stain which is making your carpet ugly. Treat the area with a commercial carpet cleaner, but before using any cleaner do a spot test. Some cleaners can cause discolouration on the fabric. Take a cloth and pour the cleaner on the cloth and dab the area. After some time, rinse the area using a cloth soaked in water.


You’ll need a heat extractor machine and a detergent, which is safe on your carpet fabric. Mix the detergent in warm water and pour the mixture into the machine. You can either rent the heat extractor machine or buy one. Make sure to read the instruction manual before using the machine. Strictly follow the guidance as written on the machine and clean the carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Hire a Professional for Cleaning the Carpet

While some stains are hard to remove at first, but hiring a professional service will help you in getting rid of a stain in less time. To see your furniture as new as fresh you can always count on professionals carpet cleaners. They are highly qualified technicians with all necessary tools, equipment and cleaning solvent, which is specially made for carpet cleaning. They offer you the best cleaning services including Carpet cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, carpet stain removal, deep carpet cleaning, Carpet Shampooing.

Save money and time by letting the job done by the professional services on a true guarantee of lifelong service.