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Who will move the Furniture?

We will! We know when you ask for professional cleaners to do the job, it is our part of responsibility to do everything – right from moving the furniture to

Do I have to pay Extra for Stain Removal?

Stains are an essential part of anything that is used on regular basis. Similarly, your upholstery is bound to get stained on a regular basis. When you hire us for

Are there any discounts for upholstery cleaning services?

We at Carpet Cleaning Melbourne love to spoil our valuable customers with loads of choices, discounts and special offers apart from providing quality upholstery cleaning. We have special 35% discount

Can you Do Sofa Repair?

Yes, we do sofa repairs too. Our experienced cleaners are train to take care of upholstery repairs along with upholstery cleaning. We suggest you to let us know about your

Is steam cleaning better than dry cleaning?

It really depends upon how dirty is your couch, if your got stain on your upholstery then you probably need steam cleaning.However, if you your upholstery has got just dust,then

What payment types you accept for Upholstery Cleaning?

We accept the following payment types for upholstery cleaning Credit Card – Master, Visa, American Express and all other major credit cards Direct Transfer Cash Direct Deposit Hire our Professional

How fast can you come to clean my couches?

We at Carpet Cleaning Melbourne work to achieve complete customer satisfaction and we understand the importance of time for our valuable customers. We arrange for a visit to your place

Why couch cleaning required?

Most of the time Couch cleaning is over looked, however lounge suit / Upholstery Cleaning is an backbone of interior beauty of your home. Clean upholstery reflect your lifestyle,  cleaning

How long it takes to clean 7 seater couch?

We follow our following 5 step Couch Steam Cleaning Process Firstly, our couch cleaner will vacuum clean the upholstery including couch, Sofa, lounge, pillows & cushions. Upholstery Cleaner will also

Can Upholstery Cleaning Eliminate Health Hazards As Well?

Definitely! Dirty and unclean upholstery lead to numerous health hazards among which sneezing and coughing is common. Unclean upholstery is home to numerous kinds of contaminants that could lead to