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Carpet Cleanings Sydney is the one-stop-shop for Upholstery cleaning Sydney. We are known for accommodating all your couch cleaning requirements at amazingly affordable prices. Avail our services like sofa steam cleaning, couch dry cleaning, upholstery stain, mould and odour removal on the same day. Be it is home upholstery cleaning or commercial upholstery cleaning, our professional upholstery cleaners do it to the level of excellence. Moreover, the team of couch cleaning Sydney comprises of the local cleaners who are well-versed in the niche and have been practising for more a decade.

  • No obligation free quotes
  • Guaranteed results with complete satisfaction
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Same day upholstery cleaning
  • Scotchgard furniture service
  • Residential and commercial couch cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

We at Carpet Cleanings Sydney are a team of professional upholstery cleaners filled with dedication and motivation towards our work. Additionally, we keep updating our knowledge, skills and techniques to stay up-to-mark.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

Most homeowners may think that there is no need of hiring the professional upholstery cleaning services, as they can DIY it. However, they do not understand what benefits of professional cleanings are. They are the experts who have gained experience working in the domain for years and aware of all the possible ways of cleaning your upholstery. The cleaning experts at Carpet Cleanings Sydney offer you top-notch upholstery cleaning services. They execute their process with the well-structured plan to bring you the best results for upholstery cleaning Sydney.

  • Our professional upholstery cleaners completely understand the needs of the customer which ultimately help them deliver the best results.
  • Additionally, professional upholstery cleaning services make the whole process hassle-free for you.
  • Moreover, our experts do the thorough cleaning of your couches as well as sofas which drastically reduces the abundance of allergens in the environment.
  • Thoroughly cleaned upholstery enhances the look of your premise too. In addition, the risk of health hazards in the home lowers too.
  • Our professionals are trained to deliver you the best results and can clean all kinds and sizes of upholstery.
White leather upholstery Cleaning in Sydney CBD

White leather upholstery Cleaning Sydney CBD

Above are some of the best reasons you should hire professional upholstery cleaning services. And above all, they save your upholstery from getting damaged by the DIYs, which in turn save you from spending thousands of dollars.

Reliable Upholstery Cleaning Team

Working for more than 10 years in the field, the cleaning team of Carpet Cleanings Sydney has earned the tag of reliable upholstery cleaners. High dedication and love for our job make us one of the most preferred team for upholstery cleaning Sydney. We take care of all our customer needs with the best practices, cleaning agents and advanced tools. We work really hard to maintain the trust we have earned so far with our services. Hence, if you also are in search of a reliable upholstery cleaning team, look no further.

  • More than a decade’s experience in upholstery cleaning Sydney.
  • The team of local cleaners who can also serve across all the suburbs of Sydney.
  • Besides cleaning, we also offer upholstery Scotchgard services.
  • Moreover, our upholstery cleaning team can reach your doorstep on the same day of booking.

Sofa Steam Cleaning Sydney

Sofas, couches or upholstery are an inseparable part of your home or any premises. And when used regularly, it gets dirty, stained and unhygienic that also make your home look dull and boring. And besides regular cleaning, your upholstery needs a deep cleaning as well. Steam cleaning is one of the most widely used cleaning methods that cleanses your upholstery, ridding from allergens and contaminants. Sofa steam cleaning involves hot water extraction method where we infuse steam inside the couch or sofa fibre. This hot pressurized water is then extracted, which also extract all the residing contaminants and pollutants. And our cleaning team possess all the required equipment required for sofa steam cleaning.

10 Years of Upholstery Cleaning Service In Sydney

10 Years of Upholstery Cleaning Service In Sydney

  • Complete removal of dirt, stains and contaminants from your couches.
  • A cleaned and refreshed look of your upholstery.
  • In addition to the best cleaning equipment, we possess high-quality cleaning solutions as well.
  • Besides upholstery steam cleaning, our team also knows other effective methods for upholstery cleaning Sydney.

Couch Dry Cleaning Sydney

Another one of the most effective methods for couch cleaning includes couch dry cleaning. Dry cleaning method is appropriate for the upholstery where water should not be used in the cleaning procedure. Couch dry cleaning method involves the application of a dry cleaning solvent on the upholstery fibre. Then we use agitation tool to agitate the solvent deep inside the couch fibre. Then the dry cleaning solvent is extracted using heavy-duty vacuums, leaving a dry cleaned sofa behind. This method does not leave your upholstery wet and you can bring it to use as soon as the cleaning procedure ends. In addition to the cleaning, we also deodorise your couches after the cleaning process.

Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

Our Services for Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

The team our upholstery cleaning Sydney covers an array of couch cleaning services.  Also, our upholstery cleaning prices are very affordable and quality is top-notch.

  • Couch dry cleaning
  • Sofa steam cleaning
  • Leather couch cleaning
  • Fabric couch cleaning
  • Leather couch polishing
  • Couch mould removal
  • Upholstery stain removal
  • Sofa mould removal
  • Red wine stain removal couch
  • Bloodstain removal from couch
  • Lounge stain removal
  • Pet stain removal from couch
  • Upholstery sanitising
  • Chaise Lounge Cleaning
  • Food stain removal from upholstery
  • Scotchgard furniture service
  • Vomit stain removal from
  • White leather sofa cleaning
  • Pet odour removal from sofa
  • Black mould removal from couch
  • Upholstery dust mite protection
  • Ink stain removal from couch
  • White wine stain removal from sofa
  • Same day upholstery cleaning
  • Milk stain removal upholstery
  • Commercial couch cleaning
  • Home upholstery cleaning
  • Microfiber sofa cleaning
  • Wool couch cleaning
  • Couch lounge set cleaning
  • Lounge and dining chairs cleaning
  • Loveseats cleaning
  • Recliner cleaning
  • Cushions cleaning
  • Modular corner sofa cleaning
  • L-shaped lounge cleaning
Upholstery Stain Removal

Upholstery Stain Removal

Couch Mould Removal Sydney

Couches and upholstery are prone to stains, germs dirt and mud. Sometimes your couches can get infested with mould as well. Mould is fungi that appear as a black layer on the couch. It is hazardous for health and is known to spread various diseases and ailments. Carpet Cleaning Sydney will provide a one-time solution for couch mould removal problems. Our professional couch cleaners will utilize best anti-mould products to terminate the mould. A deep and effective couch cleaning will also be delivered to prevent mould from reappearing and to removing all the signs of mould too. Hire our professional upholstery cleaning services today and prevent any exposure to harmful mould by getting rid of it completely.

Our Couch Cleaning Sydney

The professional upholstery cleaning team of Carpet Cleanings Sydney follows a well-organised plan to bring you the best results.

  • Pre- Inspection: Our upholstery cleaning Sydney process commences with the thorough inspection of your upholstery. Inspection is done to locate the stained areas as well as figure out the right cleaning method.
  • Vacuuming: Then the upholstery is vacuumed to extract the loose stains, dirt and dry soil from your couches.
  • Upholstery Stain Treatment: Upholstery vacuuming is followed by couch stain removal treatment. The cleaning solutions we use on your upholstery fabric are eco-friendly, in order to avoid the discolouration.
  • Cleaning Procedure: Once the stain vanishes from your couch, we carry out the cleaning treatment. We clean the upholstery using the right method decided in the first step.
  • Deodorising: We also apply natural deodorisers to your couches to make them smell fresh once again.
  • Post Inspection: Lastly, we again inspect your upholstery to make sure our services have stood up to your expectations.
Food Stain Removal From Upholstery

Food Stain Removal From Upholstery

Couch Scotchgard Services Sydney

One of the specialised services for Upholstery Cleaning Sydney includes Scotchgard furniture service. Scotchgard creates a shield against the stains, dirt and dust onto your couches that make them long-lasting. Also, applying scotchgard to your couches saves your efforts, money and time and you stay at the peace of mind. We provide stain protection to types of couches and sofas. Hence, make sure you Scotchgard new couches before bringing them to use.

  • Fabric sofa cleaning and protection
  • Lounge and dining chairs cleaning and protection
  • Armchair cleaning and protection
  • Wool couch cleaning and protection
  • Couch lounge set cleaning and protection
  • Loveseats cleaning and protection
  • Recliner cleaning and protection
  • Microsuede lounge cleaning and protection
  • Microfiber sofa cleaning and protection
  • Lounge suite cleaning and protection
  • Modular corner sofa cleaning and protection
  • L-shaped lounge cleaning and protection
  • Fabric chaise lounge cleaning and protection
  • Cushions cleaning and protection

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

Homeowners with leather upholstery find themselves blessed as they do not have to do take so much efforts to clean it. Only a little care make their upholstery long-lasting. But in case of stains, you need to give a little more attention. Or you can also hire our professionals for leather couch cleaning. However, you do not have to clean leather upholstery very often, but you can take leather upholstery conditioning services from time to time. We never fail to impress our customers with our specialised leather upholstery cleaning services.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

Same Day Upholstery Cleaning Services

At Carpet Cleanings Sydney we are proudly offering same day upholstery cleaning services in which we accept booking on the same day and deliver the services on the same day as well. We have reserved the fastest and efficient team for same day upholstery cleaning services. In case you’re looking for a reputed upholstery cleaning company, call us on our numbers. We will be happy to serve you with our unique and innovative upholstery cleaning service. Our numbers are flashing on the top right corner of this website, a representative is available 24*7 at your service.

Why Hire Carpet Cleanings Sydney?

There are a number of reasons you would want to hire us for.

  • Years of experience helped us gain trust.
  • Also, we are accessible across all the suburbs of Sydney.
  • Moreover, we can serve you on the same day of booking
  • Additionally, our cleaning uses only eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • We are a local business thus completely understand the need of our customers
  • Our cleaning team can also reach your place even on weekends and public holidays.
  • We offer no obligation free quotes.

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia